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Sleeping Bean Body Pillow Kapok Fill and Pillowcase - White
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Sleeping Bean Body Pillow Kapok Fill and Pillowcase - White

Discover Total Body Comfort. The Original Sleeping Bean Body pillow is the first and finest body pillow made. Its extra long (5 1/2 ft.) cylindrical shape was designed to conform naturally to the human body to allow sleeping in the healthiest possible position - the semi-fetal curl. Soft and huggable, the cylindrical Bean is made from 100% cotton and filled with premium recycled poly-fiber, Organic kapok fiber, white goose feather, that molds to support your body. As you sleep, it effortlessly aligns your spine, reduces pain and muscle stress, and encourages healthy sleep positions. Recommended by Parenting Magazine - Jan 1997, the Sleeping Bean is a lifesaver for pregnant women trying to find a comfortable sleep position and can even help in the delivery room for labor positioning. Recommended by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists whenever proper support can be beneficial for back problems, sleep disorders, post-operative recovery, geriatric care, pregnancy and nursing, and relief of both physical and emotional stress. Children and Teens love the smaller Teen Bean (4 1/2 ft.)The Bean provides emotional comfort which can ward off the Boogie Man and make sleep easier. Pure 100% cotton pillowcases are custom fitted, washable and have hidden zippers. Available separately in the following colors: White, Natural (unbleached), Light Blue, Hunter Green, Rose, Burgundy, and Granny Stripe (blue ticking stripe).

  • Relieve lower back stress

  • Improve hip, shoulder, and spine alignment

  • Relieve bones from compression due to gravity

  • Replace the use of multiple positioning pillows

  • Reduce potential for bedsores by distributing weight bearing and improving blood circulation



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Product Details:
Product Length: 4.5 feet
Average Customer Rating: based on 33 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 33 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

11 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5Best pillow I've had in years  Sep 20, 2008
By S. Wheeler
I bought my pillow about a year ago, and unlike the other reviewer, mine was so full I had to remove 3 gallon ziplock bags. I am not pregnant, but have degenerative arthritis in my neck, causing pain and migraines. This pillow has helped me tremendously, keeping my body in alignment. Even after a year, it has not lost any of its fullness like other pillows. The facts about a stuffed synthetic pillow they tell you it will start to break down in just 2 months. So this means when you are happy with the way your pillow feels it won't last long. Not so with this one. It's the same as the first day I bought it. And because of the cylindrical shape, it doesn't take up quite as much room as a regular body pillow. I also own the Snoozer pillow, and within 3 months the stuffing started to break down, I had to restuff it after about 6 months and then gave it to my son to sleep with. You can also bend and fold this pillow to the shape you want. It also is fairly weighty which to me is a benefit because it stays where you put it, the snoozer was always moving away from me.
It is a bit pricey, but this pillow will last you for a very long time. I reccomend this pillow highly. If you are suffering from pain like me, or suffer from fatique syndrome, pass over the u total body pillow, it will lose its shape too. It has a zipper on it so you can add or remove stuffing to your liking, I even added lavender in it for a nice scent. It's been a year and I still don't need to add back any stuffing.
Get a pillow case too. I purchased mine from Sit in Comfort, came with a pillow, and was free shipping, came in a week.

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Another 5 star review  Oct 19, 2009
By D. Summers
I had been looking for a body pillow after a back injury. I tried one other, but returned it due to lack of support. I'm keeping this one. I can only echo most of what S.Wheeler said. I found that I had to remove a bit of the kapok stuffing to get the pillow just right.
The support is outstanding. Unlike the other pillow I tried, the Bean does not collapse under your weight. It offers great support without being too firm. The shape is perfect for a body pillow, and it runs the length of my bed, head to toe. Good weight to it and you can bend/shape it to get whatever support you need (straight, curved in a C-shape for supporting the neck and knees, etc.). They even include a little instruction sheet demonstrating all the positions in which it can be used for neck, back, hip, leg and arm support.
This one comes with a pillowcase that fits perfectly, but you need to put it on like a sock. That is, roll it up, fit it over the end (toe) of the pillow, and then unroll it over the pillow. If you try to simply shove the pillow in to it, you may tear the seam of the pillowcase.
The Bean is well constructed, with heavy stitching, so I don't anticipate any problems with it coming apart. You can order refill bags of stuffing directly from Bean Products' website, but the filling holds up so well, I'm not sure I'll need to. Moreover, I still have the stuffing I originally removed, so I'm set.
This pillow is so comfortable, and I've gotten so accustomed to it, that when my back heals up I think I'll still be using it.

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

3Saving money  Jun 25, 2013
By soozfromfl
This was my very first body pillow, purchased approx. 8 years ago. It is just now flattening out so I am buying a replacement. I don't have to look any further. I have found the perfect one and couldn't be happier. I highly doubt any others out there surpasses the comfort and the relief I get from this. In my opinion, it is the perfect density. Plus I like the added benefit of the longer length.

I have a very bad back. I wouldn't be without sleeping with this every night. I put it between my knees and it helps alleviate my lower back pain. It is light enough that I put my arms around the top and cuddle with it. I primarily sleep on my left side. But on occasion, I roll over and sleep to the right. I just snuggle my back up to the pillow and it provides the support that I need. It's just right. Every few days it needs a good shake to redistribute the Kapek evenly. I am a petite woman and this is not a problem, back back and all. For hot sleepers such as myself, this pillow never gets warm. I thought it worth mentioning.

I cannot say enough good things. I think this body pillow will exceed your expectations.

If anyone has a good recommendation for a head pillow for a side sleeper, please leave a note in the comment section. I have purchased many pillows and still have not found the right one for my neck.

7/01/13-UPDATE: I realized this is not stuffed with 100% Kapok, but with other added fillers as well. Looks like the company is trying to make it more affordable and in the process are sacrificing use of a natural product, and the buyers comfort. I changed both my rating and the title. I ended up purchasing pure Kapok fill, took out the old and replaced with the fresh. My body pillow is new again! You can get a 100% pure Kapok body pillow, but it is of course, more expensive.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5excellent - comfy pillow  May 12, 2009
By L. George
I was concerned about having a firm enough pillow after reading one of these reviews (and another for a Sleeping Bean product with another sort of fill). Did some research and found out that their kapok fill - one of several options - is a firmer option so thought I'd try it. It's wonderful - soft, but stays firm and supportive.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5It's for my back, but the gf keeps stealing it from me  Sep 26, 2012
By Speaker to Animals
This pillow is great. I first encountered one of these at some hotel in Westport Connecticut. That pillow was the only decent thing about the hotel, I might add. Anyway, I was so impressed by the pillow and the support that it gave me (a side-sleeper who often wakes with back pain), that I decided to hunt one down and buy. The only thing I am not happy about is the price. These guys charge way-yy too much. Fortunately I had the chance to actually try it prior to buying. If you are a relatively large person who wakes up in different positions, frequently in pain, than I'd say it's worth a try.
It definitely helps. My girlfriend steals it a lot, though.

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