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1/8" Harmony Travel Natural Rubber Yoga Mat in 68" Length Purple
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1/8" Harmony Travel Natural Rubber Yoga Mat in 68" Length Purple

Durable without slippage. Thin and portable. Open cell natural rubber gives Harmony mats unequaled non-slip performance with superior cushioning and resilience. Made in the USA, has exceptional strength and durability wont tear or buckle. Harmony is made with natural rubber, a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees and contains no ozone depleting substances perfect for yoga practitioners concerned about the environment.

  • Incredible Traction and Comfort

  • Natural Grown Rubber - Biodegradable!

  • Durable, Dense Cushion for all poses

  • PVC free, No Latex, NO CHEMICALS!

  • Great Colors & Thickness! 68" Length!



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Product Details:
Product Length: 68.0 inches
Product Width: 24.0 inches
Product Height: 0.13 inches
Product Weight: 3.2 pounds
Package Length: 24.6 inches
Package Width: 4.9 inches
Package Height: 4.7 inches
Package Weight: 3.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 92 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 92 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

52 of 54 found the following review helpful:

3A solid lightweight sticky mat, but not for every day / every place use...  Jul 16, 2010
By Jackie
This mat has superb slip resistance, traction, and support is not bad, even though it is a relatively thin mat. It has held up to some very sweaty Ashtanga practices and it is excellent for travel at it is so light.
However, I feel the mat is a little less durable than I would have preferred as it seems like it's breaking down in some places and as some other reviewers have stated, gets little "knicks" in it.
And above all else, the biggest issue I have with this mat is that because of its open cell design and its extreme stickiness, it actually attracts dust, lint, and foreign matter VERY easily. After rolling and unrolling this mat on various surfaces at the many studios I teach and practice at, all kinds of debris has been transferred from the underside to the topside and back again. It's very hard to keep clean and that's a problem. If you move around a lot and practice at a lot of different places that are not ALWAYS perfectly clean, you can expect to find lots of little particles on this mat...

30 of 31 found the following review helpful:

4A little smelly, but good!  May 25, 2011
By Amazon Customer
I recently purchased this mat to take away on trips etc.


-It is made of natural rubber containing no PVC.
-It can be washed with cold water and mild soap.
-It is thin (1/8") and rolls up neatly and compactly.
-Though thin, it is not as thin as the messy Gaiam mats, it doesn't bunch up.
-It offers good support as well as closeness to the ground, which is perfect for challenging balance poses.
-The width and length are almost equivalent to a standard mat, which offers lots of practice space.
-The grip seems excellent, much better than my other mats, but I haven't used it much yet. Verdict's open on that one for now.
-Sustainability commitment: for every mat made, a rubber tree is planted- yeh!


-The biggest disadvantage in my view, for something that claims to be a travel mat, is it's weight. The rubber makes it heavier than expected! I was surprised to pick it up the first time and realize it's actually heavier than my regular mats. The packaging claims 'it is lighter in weight for yogis on the go', but I find this to be an inaccurate statement.
-The rubber is fairly smelly. I know it's natural, coming from the trees and all, and that the packaging says the smell goes away, but right now my face, hair and body smell like a latex glove. Btw, yes, this product is not suitable for those with latex or rubber allergies.
-The mat should not be exposed to direct sunlight. I'm guessing it might warp/deform.

Ok, used the mat in various outdoors settings, including in hot Mediterranean weather, and can testify that that this mat has super grip: no sweat slips, no bunching up, no tagging hair and clothes. It offers perfect traction and I daresay I have pulled off some of the most intensely satisfying dog poses on this mat (no towels, no socks, no nothing)! It rolled up in my suitcase very tightly, as expected. It's not light, but it's certainly compact.


16 of 19 found the following review helpful:

4Close to perfect, with a little tweaking  May 11, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I'm an 8 year yogi, and this mat is about as close to perfect if you are a serious practitioner who likes to sweat during practice. There are some caveats, however.

First, the pros: it's fairly lightweight and easy to transport (if you think it's heavy then I suggest you need strength training); open-cell rubber is the stickiest surface you will likely ever find in a yoga mat; environmentally it's the most sound. The open cells also helps the mat to dry out, even when it's rolled up. For a moderately sweaty practice, such as ashtanga, it will serve your needs well. If you get drenched in sweat (as in hot yoga), then there isn't a mat on the planet that will keep you from slipping--you will have to use an accessory such as a towel, socks/gloves or resin to keep you from sliding around.

The cons: the mat stretches over a smooth surface, so downward dogs on a varnished floor are bit frustrating. The mat is very thin, making certain poses painful without padding (though a thicker mat is significantly heavier). I've also heard that these are less durable, but that is the trade-off for using a renewable, environmentally sustainable material.

The compromise: In my everyday practice which combines Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini and occasionally heated styles, my favorite mat is actually a combination of this mat on top of a cheap, thin PER mat. The cheap mat is so light it adds negligible weight, keeps the rubber mat from stretching and contributes just a touch more padding without making your surface so squishy that it's hard to maintain equilibrium during balance postures. Or, if you are lucky enough to attend a studio that provides free mats, the Jade mat is the perfect protective cover.

I've tried the really expensive designer mats, such as Manduka (super slippery) and The Mat (talk about heavy!) and found them very disappointing for the price point. I have found the combination of Jade Travel with a cheap mat, however, to optimize weight and performance.

18 of 22 found the following review helpful:

4A good sticky mat  Jun 15, 2009
By A. Jim Gower "devoted to the mat"
This is my second Jade Yoga Mat, and I'm still generally very happy with the mat! The mat has the best traction of those I've tried, and is nice and dense providing firm support. Since it's made of rubber, there is a slight scent, but even with a strong sense of smell, this has never bothered me. The mat's life span was about two and a half years with moderate use (2-3) yoga practices per week.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Best mat ever!  Jul 30, 2013
By Christine Kakoczky
Who needs a big thick mat? This mat is super grippy. I don't slip and I usually slip no matter what. Plus, I don't have to carry around a big, heavy mat.

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